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Our Business

We Flying Carpets are the Leading Retailer and Manufacturer of High Quality Designer Rugs in South East Asia. When the Founder & Managing Director, Mr Mohammad Anees Muhammad Yasin laid the foundation for Flying Carpets (FC) in 2002, he had a sturdy vision to form a carpet business that is effective inside Malaysia, as well as territorially and universally. During the past 16 years FC has grown in size to be a leading supplier through an ambitious attitude, integrity, customer focus, quality in service and in products. Being a dynamic and innovative company experienced in providing the finest quality rugs, FC is able to fulfil even the most complicated needs of its customers.

“Rugs possess a perpetually focal position in floor fashions as the trend in hard flooring continues. With more individuals choosing hardwood or tiles for their homes, wide expanses of bare floors can make an interior feel cold and unwelcoming. This is where a strategic placement of attractive rugs can come to your help. A rug helps define areas, muffles noise, and provides warmth. While doing all that, rugs also greatly enhance the aesthetics of a room by providing a finishing touch.”


We Provide

Email us a photo of your room for free consultation and we will suggest you the most suitable rug.


Our designs can be tailored to suit your individual requirements or work together with us to create a rug completely bespoke to you. We will pay extra attention on the design , material, colour, shape and sizing to make your dream a reality.


In some cases, a rug will get some wear and tear and will need a few repairs to keep it looking great. Need an expert? CALL US !


We clean professionally even the most stubborn stains and odours without affecting the rug’s appearance. All cleaning done by traditional method.



Traditional to Modern

Intricate to Bold

At FLYING CARPETS each and every rug, regardless of color or style, embodies the same virtues of excellence in materials, craftmanship and social responsibility. Handmade with the finest natural material, all of our rugs are destined to become more beautiful with age, so even our newest designs are necessarily timeless.


Customer Service at its finest

Extraordinary service for Extraordinary customers

Shariman Yusuf

"Have known Anees for probably 30 years. First class service and his carpets are the best of quality. He knows his stuff and he is also quick at spotting developments in the market with changing tastes and styles, so he will update his offerings."

Arnaud Fabre

"Very good service and advice on carpet maintenance."

Aaron Leow

"Sent some old rugs for restoration works and cleaning. The end result was astonishing. Keep up the fantastic work and great service."

Chin Yet Ong

"Flying Carpets have an excellent choices of carpets at very affordable prices. The carpets are good quality and contemporary in design. Mr Mohamad Anees has an eye on placement of carpets in the house and provides excellent service."

Mustaffa Kamal Hamzah

"Bought two carpets two days before Hari Raya. The store keeps a very large collection of carpets/rugs which is very nice design depending on the individual needs. The owner was very helpful and reasonable. Got a good price and big discounts for the two carpets which you would jot get else where. Good customer service and definitely will return for my next purchase."

Saran Singh

"A good selection of both high quality hand-made and machine made carpets, for most budgets. Strongly suggest to pay them a visit if you are looking to furnish your home, as they will work with you on overall interior design and feel."

Jagdish Singh

"We had a positive purchase experience with Anees who is very knowledgable and easy to speak with. Flying Carpets has a large range of designs and quality depending on your budget so there’s something for everyone. We wanted a modern design and were happy to find several carpets which we liked very much. Anees is able to recommend designs based on your furniture, curtains, etc so do come along with pictures for him to look at. Happy shopping!"

Carina Liew

"We have a great experience. Flying Carpets have variety of selection. Mr Anees the owner was very helpful and he know how to match carpet go with space, adds personality and warmth to a room."

Nick Siew Mah

"Flying carpets have a fantastic range of quality carpets at a very reasonable price. I have bought a few carpets from them a few years ago and took them back to have it cleaned and the boss even remembers me! Very good customer and after sales service."

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Our Projects

Let Us Beautify Your Area

Rugs play a vital part in making a house a home, or making a space warm, and every home/space is unique.

Our Process


A hand-knotted rug is a beautiful form of art passed on from generation to generation. How are hand-knotted rugs made?


The wool/silk for our rugs is either personally handpicked by our professionals or imported from the best markets around the world. This assures that you are getting the best quality, highest durability, comfiest feet feel, and a luxurious look that will complete your space.


Traditional vegetable (natural) dyeing is used to give the materials (wool/silk) their beautiful and vibrant colors which are mostly used on our hand-knotted rugss. While synthetic dyes are used for materials used on our machine-made rugs.


This is where the foundation of the carpet is made. Our experienced designers come in, drawing the design on high-quality graph paper and using watercolors for color combinations. It is then translated into 'Talim', a weaver's language. The weavers will then pour their souls into the creation of the rug, thus each hand-knotted rug will have its own characteristics.


This is where the first wash is done to remove the impurities on the carpet. Piles are then cut to level them out.


Our rugs are then bound by the same material (wool/silk) used to create the rug for additional strength and durability. It is then flipped over and singed, which is the process of burning fibers that are protruding on the backside of the rug.


A final detailing of the rug (clipping) is done to enhance the design and its colors. Then, it undergoes a final wash which takes 4-5 days with a precise step-by-step traditional method to bring out its colors and luster.


Our manufacturing factory uses a professional drying machine rather than the Sun. This ensures better temperature and moisture control. Stretching is done right after to straighten the sides.


The final and most important step is the fringing of the rug, they are knotted at the end to ensure durability and prolong use. It is then packed for delivery/export.

Know The Knots

Some of the cool facts about Knots

Turksih Knot

The symmetrical knot, also known as the Turkish knot or the Ghiordes knot from its origin in Turkey where it was originally used. In the symmetrical knots the rug knots have both ends of the yarn coming up together between two warps, with the knot collar wrapping around two warps. The symmetrical knot provides a stronger consistency to the carpet and is often used for thicker carpets.

Persian Knot

The asymmetrical knot is also known as the Persian knot or the Senneh knot. Asymmetrical knots are the rug knots that have the ends coming up singly between each pair of warps with a knot collar around every other warp. The asymmetrical knot makes it possible to weave a carpet with higher knot density and more details.

Tibetan Knot

The Tibetan knot has a completely different structure than the other knots. This knot is made by using a temporary rod along the width of the carpet, which is placed in front of the warp. The long yarn is then placed around two warp threads and then around the rod. When the weaver is done with the entire row of knots the loops around the rod are cut to create the knot. Imagine a soft smooth rug that you can sink your toes into.

Jufti Knot

A Jufti knot may be symmetrical or asymmetrical, but they utilize these configurations around pairs of warps rather than single warps, making the pile less dense and quicker to produce. The carpets also tend to be less durable and the surface can sometimes look loose and shaggy.

Rug Maintenance

We Got You

Rugs are the finishing touch to your home and workspace. A well-placed rug adds life, beauty, and warmth to the area while bringing everything together. If taken care of, a rug can last for generations. Here are a few simple tips/guidelines to keep your rug in mint condition.

Vacuuming your rugs regularly (minimum twice weekly) would remove any dust/sand/grit buildup. Doing so also restores life to the material (silk/wool) by keeping it volumized.

Note to only use vacuums with the suction or spinning-brush attachments, do not use a beater bar as it would damage the carpet pile and its fringes too.

It is necessary to clean up any spills as quickly and efficiently as possible; this prevents staining, matting, molding, rotting, or mildewing. To do so, blot up as much liquid as possible using paper towels or an absorbent cloth and plain water. Never rub as it can spread the stain and cause pile damage. Never use any type of cleaning agent as it can damage the dyes of the rug.

If the stain has disappeared, do make sure to dry the rug, rug pad, and floor before relaying the rug, but if there is still a stain after blotting the spill area, do contact us for professional carpet cleaning/repairing asap!

Your pet's urine is one of the most damaging compounds to rugs as it could cause rotting and accelerated soiling, the only way to deal with this situation is to contact us immediately to get it professionally cleaned!

Getting an underlay/pad for your rug is essential as it prevents slipping, eliminates wrinkling, provides softer feet feel, and protects the rug as well as the floor underneath at the same time.

Using any kind of underlay/pad is sufficient but for assured quality, do contact us as we carry our exclusive brand of underlay/pads as well.

Rugs, especially hand-knotted rugs, should only be washed by professionals and not by self or dry cleaners. With one mistake your rug's dye could damage, fade or spill. Dry cleaners may use harsher chemicals, detergents, and powders that could damage the dye and leave behind residues that accelerate the soiling of the carpet.

At Flying Carpets we only wash carpets using our tried and true traditional method. We assure a thorough wash, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the rug and returning the softness and colors of the material and dye. It is recommended to get your rug cleaned once every two years.

Rotate your rug regularly (once every 6 months) to minimize traffic wear, if rugs are not rotated regularly, you will start to see wear and tear in the 'high traffic areas.

For major rug damage, it is better to seek our professional consultation. Our restoration services include hole repairing, moth damage, tassel/fringe repairing, flood damage, and more.


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